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AUDIO ESSENTIALS: This will be 100% hands on audio class. Multiple workstations. Attendees will be exposed to some of the technical lingo and quick tips to efficiently start an audio production. Topics for this class include:

DIGITAL CONSOLES: Presets, Layers, Aux Mixes (Pre & Post Fader), Sub Groups, DCA Groups, Direct audio Feeds (to Cameras, To Recording, To Press) and Gain Structure
CONNECTIVITY: Audio Snakes, Drop Snakes, Direct Boxes & Ground Lifts and Instrument Cables
MICROPHONES: Vocal Microphones, Instrument Microphones, Proper Placement of Microphones, Wireless Mics and Wireless Headset & Lav Mics (Proper Way To Mic The Pastor)
DYNAMICS: High Pass Filters (hpf), Compressions (Comps), Gating (Gates) and Effects (EFX) – Delays & Reverbs
STAGE MONITORS: Building Monitor Mixes, Proper Placement of Stage Monitors and Ringing Out Stage Monitors

THE VISUAL EXPERIENCE: Today’s Worship experience is both Audio & Visual. In this session, we will discuss the role of video display, basic camera operation, video switching & mixing in the House of Worship environment. In addition, social media, video streaming, video display of lyrics via various software and the DVD Ministry (Duplication) will be discussed.

LIGHTING UP YOUR WORSHIP: Lighting in the House of Worship is an important aspect of the Audio Visual Experience. Lighting sets the mood, lighting compliments that architecture of the Church, lighting highlights darks subject. In this session, we will discuss the reasons of use for lighting in House of Worship. Those topics will include visibility & mood. In addition we will discuss the proper way to move in & out of the lighting field. The latest LED and intelligent lighting technologies will be discussed.

PERFECTING YOUR PERFORMANCE: In this session, we will discuss the essentials needed for developing a successful performance from music, theater and dance. Here we will cover creating the concept, planning, budgeting and marketing.